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Welcome To ICCA

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Institute of Company and Commercial Accountants of Nigeria (ICCA) website. The Institute is a professional financial Institution designed to stimulate energise and promote sound accountancy and accounting education as well as high ethical standard in the practice of the discipline in Nigeria.

The institute was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 1999 and its bill for an act was passed on —————-

ICCA quest for professionalism includes a variety of personal qualities and behaviours that demonstrate commitment to effective performance in a given task. Nonetheless, commitment and confidence, responsibility, honesty, ethics, appearance, and professional presence are central professional characteristics arising from vibrant training.

Continuous training impact positively numbers through their knowledge acquisition on a broad range of critical management skills and techniques member. Develop analytical skills necessary for problem-solving and decision-making with possession of leadership skills, essential to leading effective and highly productive teams.

ICCA was already doing well in education but its affiliation with the University of Entrepreneurship and Technology will create enormous opportunities for African students as the focus not only for a few countries but the entire continent of Africa. In all communities where quality education is still a dream. Education is one weapon that can eradicate hunger and violence and bring peace and serenity.

Candidates seeking to become members of the Institute need to pass the prescribed examinations and or/satisfy the membership rules laid down by the Governing Council.

I look forward to working with everyone willing or associated with this Institute and wish for a rewarding contact. We expect your feedback to enable us to appraise our growth if we are doing things that work for you let us know if there are things that we could improve let us know.

To our members, we thank you for your interest in our great Institute. If you are not a member of the Institute consider filing our enrollment form today and share our mission statement. 

Alhaja Lawal Serifat Adebimpe, ACA, FCCA

ICCA... Credible And Accountable

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